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Compensation of your costs for a partner company +0.03 $ for each of your partner

$ 100 deposit as a gift, interest from a deposit to conclusion!

- Our team monitors more than 500 cryptocurrency addresses to which the most successful transactions are made, copy these transactions and make high profit.



Choose what is more suitable for you in Realix Among the strategic and affiliate products of the company.

First quantum computer for automatic trading

Using Quantum AI (quantum AI), you can use artificial intelligence to help you successfully trade. It is available in more than 120 different countries. The entire trade is carried out directly through the Quantum AI platform itself, where the quantum computer works as trading software, which gives recommendations on what to trade. All opportunities are collected in the list, where you need to choose those that you need to buy and sell. Quantum AI is great for active trading.

  • Average profitability
  • Automation of the process
  • Conclusion of profit up to 48 hours
  • Quantum clarity of work
Tracking "large" and "successful" wallets in crypt

Now we have a whole team on the search, analysis and observation of highly profitable wallets. For example, the specialist finds the address of the wallet that makes many successful transactions, adds it to the list to the rest and the next specialist begins to copy the transactions for this address. Mandatory filter for cryptocurrency addresses is> 60% The work on the development of special software is also almost completed, which will automatize work and increase the number of wallets on our list. This will lead to an increase in the profitability of the company.

  • High profitability
  • Numerous transactions
  • Minimum risks
Partnership with Realix

Hang up to Realix And start building a career by attracting new participants: earn from 1% to 5% of the investment, and the company also compensates for your expenses for the advertising company to attract new partners to your structure, the amount of compensation $ 0.03 For each invited! Individual conditions are provided for large structures, to receive detailed information in Telegramm support

  • Instant charges
  • Development of structure
  • Compensation for each participant
  • Quick conclusion of remuneration

How Realix arranged

Below are simple and understandable stages of work Realix


    The user is registered on the company's website, replenish the balance of the personal account and receives accruals every 24 hours

  2. Partnership

    We compensate for your costs for a partner company at $ 0.03 for each invited participant, the compensation fund is $ 100,000


    Profit generation is carried out in two directions, using Quantum AI and tracking “large” and “successful” cryptocurrency addresses

  4. The conclusion of the profit

    The withdrawal of profit is carried out up to 48 hours, depending on the direction of the output, to the wallet specified by the user

Development prospects

Road map
The launch of the platform and the start of reception of investments. Adding your own real token. Turnover of funds: 10,000 $ Airdrop token Real. Q2 2023
Attraction of 50,000 new partners. Software launch. Increased profitability. Increasing the maximum amount of investment. Turnover of funds: $ 250,000 Airdrop & Whitelist Real Token. Q3 2023
Adding new payment aggregators. Initial documentation (use of funds, lightbeper, marketing plan, etc.) Add real token to the lower level trading platforms - the cost of real $ 5. The goal of financing the phase is one in the amount of 1 million US dollars. Q4 2023
Christmas event Real/Realix. Continuing private financing. Attracting more than 400,000 new partners. Adding a new direction of profit from Futures Contract, preparing a new team for this direction. Q1 2024
Constant development and updating of the platform. Attraction of users and community development. Landmark on KPI: rewarding users, user growth goals. Turnover of funds: $ 2,000,000 Q2 2024
The documentation was updated for the detailed reflection of the new brand principles. Increase the size of the team for analytics of beta testing of new software. Attracting more than 10,000 new partners. Q3 2024

Realix uses real profit tools from existing areas!

Realix - A suitable choice for users who want to make money with the team of real specialists.

Trust complex solutionsRealixOur team has tested various tools in the AI ​​trading sector and tracking the wallets of large investors.

Realix team operates 24/7

Continuous work day and night

Customer support at a high level

Solution of issues online

Immediate execution of requests for conclusion

In exceptional occasion, the waiting time is increased to 48 hours


The lowest commissions for money transfers


The use of reliable encryption protocols and proprietary protection against DDoS

Real tools

Fully real tools that every user can earn

Quantum ai

Using Quantum AI (quantum AI), you can use artificial intelligence to help you successfully trade.

Tracking crypto addresses

Now we have a whole team on the search, analysis and observation of highly profitable wallets.

Start right now

Register on Realixand start to get from 11.331% per day with the profit of our company!


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